Call for applications for new CHAT Standing Committee Members

CHAT’s existing standing committee is drawn from a diverse range of archaeologists, heritage professionals and academic researchers in cognate disciplines who are interested in contemporary and historical archaeological material and practices, from a number of different UK and US-based organisations and universities. Each year, independent organisers agree to host a conference under the CHAT banner, carrying forward the idea of a small (usually plenary) conference discussing the big issues in Contemporary and Historical Archaeology. The main role of the standing committee is to ensure that this keeps happening. We encourage and discuss proposals from local organisers and decide on future venues. We also manage a small bursary fund to allow students to attend the conference, as well as a JISC mailing list and social media. Although we encourage publication of papers arising from conferences, local organisers make their own arrangements for this.

The standing committee formally meets once a year ‘in person’, at the annual CHAT conference. In addition we discuss matters that arise through the year via email. Membership of the standing committee is entirely voluntary and CHAT has no funds with which to reimburse expenses arising from participation in conferences or other activities associated with the standing committee’s work.

Some existing members of the standing committee are now standing down and we are seeking new members. We expect that new members will remain on the standing committee for a term of four years. Potential standing committee members should be able to demonstrate:

• an existing commitment to CHAT (for example, through having participated in previous conferences); 
• an intention to attend most of the annual conferences in their term (we would expect standing committee members to commit to attending at least three of the next four conferences);
• willingness to take initiative;
• a habit of collegial discussion;
• a vision for the ‘future’ of CHAT and it’s areas of interest. 

We expect that the standing committee will continue to reflect the diverse composition of the conferences, including members of a range of ages, drawn from academia, the public and private sector, who are more and less established within their own fields. The existing CHAT standing committee is fairly balanced in terms of gender, but we currently have little ethnic diversity and would be keen to change this. 

1-2 page expressions of interest outlining the reasons for your interest in joining the standing committee and explaining your suitability to the role should be sent with a short accompanying CV to Sarah May, by no later than February 17th 2014. Applications will be considered by the existing committee and we will write back to applicants to let them know the outcome of this process within 3 weeks of this date.